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Table of HTML Tags and Descriptions. The first version of HTML was published in 1993. HTML is a markup language used in creation of web sites. Tags are impeded in text documents that can be parsed by web browsers to render user readable web pages. The following table of HTML tags are supported by most web browsers.

Code Description
<a>...</a> Creat a hyperlink anchor (href attribute) or fragment identifier (name attribute)
<abbr>...</abbr> The enclosed test is an abbreviation
<acronym>...</acronym> The enclosed text is an acronym
<address>...</address> The enclosed test is an address
<applet>...</applet> Define an executable applet within a test flow
<area> Define a mouse-sensitive area in a client-side image map
<b>...</b> Format the enclosed test using a bold face typeface
<base> Specify the base URL for all relative URLs in this document
<basefont> Specify the font size for subsequent test (deprecated;do not use)
<bdo>...</bdo> Bidirectional override, changing the rendering direction of the enclosed text
<bgsound> Define background audio for the document
<big>...</big> Format the enclosed text using a bigger typeface
<blink>...</blink> Cause the enclosed content to blink
<blockquote>...</blockquote> The enclosed text is a block quotation
<body>...</body> Delimit the beginning and the end of the document body
<br> Break the current text flow, resuming at the beginning of the next line
<button> Creat a push-button element for this button
<caption>...</caption> Define a caption for a table
<center>...</center> Center the enclosed text
<cite>...</cite> The enclosed text is a code sample
<col> Define a column within a <colgroup>
<colgroup> Define a column group within a table
<comment>...</comment> Place a comment in the document (comments are visible in all other browsers)
<dd>...</dd> Define the definition portion of an element in a definition list
<del>...</del> Delineate a deleted section of a document
<dfn>...</dfn> Format the enclosed text as a definition
<dir>...</dir> Create a directory list containing <li> tags
<div>...</div> Create a division within a document
<dl>...</dl> Create a definition list containing <dt> and <dd> tags
<em>...</em> Format the enclosed text with additional emphasis
<embed>...</embed> Embed and application in a document
<fieldset>...</fieldset> Create a group of elements in a form
<font>...</font> Set the size or color of the enlosed text(deprecated;do no use)
<form<...</form> Delimit a form
<frame>...</frame> Define a frame within a frameset
<frameset>...</frameset> Define a collection of frames or other framesets
<hn>...</hn> The enclosed text is a level-n header, for a level n from 1-6
<head>...</head> Delimit the beginning and end of the document head
<hr> Break the current text flow and insert a horizontal rule
<html>...</html> Delimit the beginning and the end of the entire Hypertext Markup
<i>...</i> Format the enclosed text in an italic typeface
<iframe>...</iframe> Define an inline frame
<ilayer>...</ilayer> Define an inline layer
<img> Insert an image into the current text flow
<input>...tpye=button> Create a puch-button element within a<form
<input type=checkbox> Create a checkbox input element within a <form>
<input type=file> Create a file-selection element within a <form>
<input type=hidden> Create a hidden element with a <form>
<input type=image> Create an image input element within a <form>
<input type=password> Create a content-protected text-input element within a <form>
<input type=radio> Create a radio-button input element within a <form>
<input type=reset> Create a reset button with a <form>
<input type=submit> Create a submit button within a <form>
<input type=text> Create a text-input element with a <form>
<ins...</ins> Delineate an inserted section of a document
<isindex> Create a "searchable"HTML document (deprecated;do not use)
<kbd>...</kdb> The enclosed text is keyboard-like input
<keygen> Generate key information in a form
<label>...</label> Define a label for a form control
<layer>...</layer> Define layer
<legend>...</legend> Define a legend for a form field set
<li>...</li> Delimit a list item in an ordered (,ol>) or unordered (<ul>) list
<link> Define a link between this document and another document in the document (head)
<listing>...</listing> Sames a <pre width=132>...</pre>(deprecated;do not use)
<map>...</map> Define a map containing hot spots in a client-side image map
<marquee>...</marquee> Create a scrolling-text marquee (Internet Explorer only)
<menu>...</menu> Define a menu list containing <li> tags
<meta> Provide additional information about a document
<multicol>...</multicol> Define a mutilcolumn text flow
<nextid> Define the next valid document entity identifier (obsolete;do not ue)
<nobr>...</nobr> No breaks allowed in the neclosed text
<noembed>...</noembed> Define content to be presented by browsers that do not support the <embed> tag
<noframes>...</noframes> Define content to be presented by browsers that do not support frames
<noscript>...</noscript> Define content to be presented by browsers that do not support the <script> tag
<object>...</object> Insert an object into a document
<ol>...</ol> Define an ordered list containing numbered (ascending)<li> elements
<optgroup>...</optgroup> Define a group of options with a <select> element
<option>...</option> Define an option with a <select> item in a <form>
<p>...</p> Start and end a paragraph
<param>...</param> Supply a parameter to a containing <applet>
<plaintext> Render the remainder of the document as preformatted paln text
<pre>...</pre> Render the enclosed text in tis original,preformatted style,honoring line breaks and spacing verbatim
<q>...</q> The enclosed text is an inlin quotation
<s>...</s> Sames a <strike>;the enclosed text is struck through with a horizontal line
<samp>...</samp> The enclosed text is a sample
<script>...</script> Define script within a document
<select>...</select> Define a multiple-choice menu or scrollinglist within a <form>, containing one or more <option> tags
<server>...</server> Define a LiveWire script
<small>...</small> Format the enclosed text using a smaller typeface
<spacer>  Create blank space in a document
<span>...</span> Define a span of text for a style application
<strike>...</strike> Strike through the enclosed text with a horizontal line
<strong>...</strong> Strongly emphasize the enclosed text
<style>...</style> Define one or more document-level styles
<sub>...</sub> Format the enclosed text as subscript
<sup>...</sup> Format the enclosed text as superscript
<table>...</table> Define a table
<tbody>...</tbody> Create a row group within a table
<td>...</td> Define a table data cell
<textarea>...</textarea> Define a multiline text-input area within a <form>; the content of the textarea> tag is the intitial, default value
<tfoot>...</tfoot> Define a table footer
<th>...</th> Define a table header cell
<thead>...</thead> Define table heading
<title>...</title> Define the HTML documents title
<tr>...</tr> Define a row of cells within a table
<tt>...</tt> Format the enclosed text in teletype-style (monospaced)font
<u>...</u> Underline the enclosed text
<ul>...</ul> Define an unordered list of bulleted<li> elements
<var>...</var> The enclosed text is a variables's name
<wbr> Indicate a potential word break point within a <nobr> section
<xmp>...</xmp> Same as <pre width=80>...</pre> (deprecated;do not use)